Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Drum roll please...

So during the most stressful weekend ever we found a place that was wonderful. This is it! We have booked it for the 21st -25th July. Our wedding day will be Friday 24th 2010. Please subscribe to this blog for all things magic. We will tell you details of where and when and how oh and what. It is going to be the best, best, best! We are trying to keep the cost as low for everyone as possible. We will do our best fill your bellies with the most delicious sparkles and sugar on the main day. We will tell you sights and sounds of the place and the best places to stay for those who can not squeeze into the castle rooms. We need to know definite RSVPs as soon as possible so we can plan. Please dont feel bad if you cannot or if you have any questions, we know it is big ask to come over here, but we promise it will be an amazing travel time for all so just let us know xx

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